• How can we gain the efficiencies of a robo-advisor but keep our current service model?
  • Craig: you can engage with a Turnkey Asset Management Provider (TAMP) such as FolioDynamix*. You can outsource allof your services to them, including investment management, portfolio construction, new account opening, rebalancing, performance reporting and billing. You keep your face-to-face client relationships, but gain scalability in your business.
  • What is the Riskalyze Check-in Service?
  • Craig: this is an outsourced service where each month, Riskalyze sends an email questionnaire your clients, asking them how they feel about the markets and about their financial future. They click a Positive or Negative button to answer both questions. This is a tool to keep in touch with your clients and create an additional line of communication with them.
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Web-Based Prospecting

Web-Based Prospecting: Data Aggregation

  • Can help advisors develop deeper relationships with existing clients
  • Newer functionality will alert advisors to cash events
  • Visibility into 401(k) and other held-away assets provides a more holistic view of clients’ financial lives

Social Media

Social Media: Content is King

  • Should we use a content management tool like Vestorly?
  • Craig: These tools are useful for adviors who are more into DIY since they require hands-on management and configuration. However, since you are relying on an algorithm, sometimes weird articles get through the filters.
  • Ezra Group offers content creation service that can deliver blog posts, industry articles and white papers to help drive traffic and can be used as calls to action.

Compliance/Archiving Tools

  • RegEd
  • Smarsh
  • globalRelay
  • ArchiveSocial
  • actiance
  • erado
  • Socialware
  • Hearsay Social

Why Hire Ezra Group?

  • Technology Advice
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